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We are watching the Marvel movies in timeline order and my daughter will watch the one more appropriate for her and she LOVES “Baby Groot” and now that I have a home I need to learn how to plant things right?! Sooo to make it more fun for her we bought this SUPER cute baby groot planter and went and picked out a plant together WHICH reminds me we haven’t watered it since Sunday. Crap.


















Parents understand me. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. My husband and I wanted sushi this past weekend but our kid did NOT want to change her clothes so I was like whatever. She went dressed in her Christmas jammies in July in 80 degree weather LOL she added two pink barrettes cauuuuse they matched sooo well! LOL There is a video on my insta @tjradio where i caught her walking in saying “I’m a normal kid, I’m fine” HA!