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TJ’s Moving FUN!

rainbow 1

Moving is fun. LOL I hope I don’t have to move for a very very long time. We own our first home! We decided to build because at the time and (still) the housing market was just insane and building seemed like the best option for us. ALSO. Can we talk about how my mortgage is only $150 more a month THAN THE RENT FOR MY TOWNHOME??!  The home buying process was pretty smooth for us up until the day we closed there was a little issue but got resolved and was all good. So many people had said there would be a lot of drama and I don’t know if it’s because we are laid back or just got lucky but other than a couple things around the home that need to be fixed, it was smooth sailing.

Shout out to our AWESOME realtor Cheri Welle, MI Homes, and CrossCountry Mortgage for all their hard work to make this an enjoyable experience.

I told Ambrielle (Nilly) who is four that she could could pain her new room. HOPEFULLY this will help get her in own bed at night too 🙂  This wallpaper was my inspo.  I love how it looks like a kid did it.

rainbow 4


I got these colors from the Crayola collection at Menards (Also REALLY need to get my nails done, forgive me)










rainbow 5

I hope when she remembers child hood memories this is one of them. She seemed to have so much fun! We put a nail at the bottom, tied a string to it and drew lightly with a pencil the lines of the rainbow like a protractor.  PRO TIP: dont use a mechanical pencil like we did, so dumb LOL









rainbow 2



We used those Mr. Clean magic erasers to get all the pencil marks, love that stuff!











rainbow 3




The finished wall!