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Nilly Shirt

I finally got my license plates! I’ve been driving with expired plates since January 2020…we were in Nashville, lock down hit, then my car was stolen, then I waited in line at the DMN in 200 degree heat just to find out I need my MN title sooo by the time I got that I was moving back to MN which I needed an appointment to renew…it took forever to get an appointment but once I got in, it was so easy! No waiting around with a bunch of people for hours at the DMV…I really hope they keep this appt system post Covid. It takes forever to get an appt but maybe keep a few open for emergencies or something cause I liked that WAY better.

Anyone else obsessed with Good Things? Found this SUPER cute camo MN sweatshirt for The Nil

nilly shirt

I watched framing Britney Spears over the weekend and it was so sad. The questions she was asked by reporters are mind blowing. That would NEVER EVER be acceptable now and shouldnt have been acceptable then and its crazy to me that in my life time that type of behavior was acceptable. Thank goodness in my daughter’s lifetime it will never be ok for someone to ask another person about their breasts or virginity. Insane.

Did you grow up on “Coming to America?” One of my favorite movies growing up and even to this day. The sequel is coming out and during the Superbowl we got a trailer! So the movie is about Eddie Murphy’s character returning to New York after he finds out he has a son who is the heir to the Zamunda throne.  The movie will be out March 5th on Amazon Prime. Here’s the trailer


Happy Valentine’s day! I saw Pizza Hut was bringing back their heart pizza’s and you can request that a special message with whatever topping you desire like “I Luv You” or Id go with “olive you” with black olives, “Be Mine’ written with sausage pieces or a smiley face decked out in green peppers.