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A Minnesota company has created underwear you never have to wash…um. Here’s a description.

“It’s all because of a revolutionary material called HercFiber which continuously destroys all bacteria and stays clean without needing a wash. All you have to do is let the underwear “air out” for a bit after wearing it, and you can safely put it on again the next day. HercFiber is made with a blend of Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Beechwood, and Copper fibers. The copper is anti-infection, antibacterial, and also “stabilizes and heals” the skin, so when it’s weaved into the underwear, it slows the growth of bacteria and eliminates it.”

I have no idea if this really works but here’s a video!  It would be nice to travel with less clothing that’s for sure. LOL


Hey! You could take these draws to space! The first all-civilian mission to space aboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is scheduled for later this year and YOU have a shot at going!  Jared Isaacman, this super rich dude is funding the trip and going. He’s taking with him another business person,  Hayley Arceneaux who a physician assistant in the oncology unit at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and bone cancer survivor and then another person and that person could be you! If you donate to St. Jude this month (February) you will go into a drawing and one person will be picked to go with them up to space! Also, St. Jude is an AMAZING hospital and very much deserving of this donation sooooo if you’ve ever wanted to go to space,  hurry! Now, is your most likely small but still, it’s a chance you didnt have before! All you have to do is donate $10 by this Sunday!

If you are looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day type drink here is how you order the “Shamrock Tea” from Starbuck’s secret menu.

Order an Iced Venti Green Tea Latte with coconut milk , add a splash of lemonade, and then add two scoops of vanilla bean powder. Let me know if it’s any good?


Yesterday my hero passed away.  I was really lucky to have him my entire life, he was 89.  Just wanted to post a couple of my fav pics.  The first one is the last time we saw him this past Christmas, we knew it would most likely be the last and I wanted my daughter to have these memories with him and the second was Christmas 2014 he was going through treatment for throat cancer and wasn’t feeling well and we were told he most likely wouldn’t make it over to celebrate Christmas with us that year but on Christmas morning in walked the coolest, most handsome, bravest man ever who would never miss a Christmas with his family and he STILL got on the floor in the wrapping paper to continue our tradition.  Grandpa’s are so special.

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We will be flying to Vegas soon for the funeral and I was looking at flight prices, Southwest has a 50th Anniversary sale and if you are wanting to go somewhere or planning a vaca or even just want to take a quick last minute vaca because these prices are so cheap… check out Southwest!  We are obviously booking last minute flights and it’s going to cost us $100 per person round trip!  Hope you have a fantastic week!