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Hi! I saw this place on facebook and thought it looked so cool! I live in Maple Grove and a place for adults and kids just opened up in Arbor Lakes called Minisota Play Cafe’. You can meet a friend for coffee and your kids can play! I believe you have to make a reservation right now and it’s for 2 hours at a time.  Such a fun idea! I would have loved this when I stayed at home with my little.

If it’s glitter, I love it!  Each bag of these semi-sweet chocolate chips contain edible glitter morsels!  My almost four year old would LOVE glitter cookies too!


This interview with Oprah airs Sunday and apparently nothing is off limits. Her bff Gayle King calls this the best interview Oprah has ever done and y’all know Oprah has done A LOT of interviews…the Royals are NOT happy about it either calling it a “smear campaign” and if you watch “The Crown” on Netflix and believe its loosely based on the truth you know they are saying that just to save face. Definitely looking forward to seeing what they have to say and glad they are getting the chance to speak their truth.

What will everyone be wearing this Spring? Here are some trends you may see everywhere.

  • Corset-inspired pieces – Blame “Bridgerton” for this one
  • Square toe shoes
  • Mini Skirts 
  • Tinted square frames – orange and yellow tint sunglasses
  • Checkerboard –print in colors think “Queens Gambit”
  • Cut outs in shirts/baggy clothing jeans, shorts, tees

My almost four year old asked for an umbrella this weekend and this is how she sat for a good hour. I told her it was bad luck but she clearly didnt care.  P.S. see those feet?! They are now in a size 12!! She outgrew her 11’s in two months, I just bought her all new shoes in December when she outgrew her 10’s!  What up WNBA!nilly umbrella