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TJ’s Tuesday Things


These two movies on the way make me SO HAPPY!

First here is the trailer for Hotel Transylvania 4! My daughter is 4 and she LOVES these movies and we do too! I just recently found out it was Adam Sandler who was Drac, sadly he is not in this movie sooo  hopefully its not THAT noticeable. Selena Gomez is back and also the executive producer of the project too! It will be in theaters July 23rd.

The second one I’m super excited about is the sequel to “Enchanted”!


It’s called “Disenchanted” and its starting filming! It will be on Disney-Plus with Maya Rudolph playing the new villain.  Amy Adams’ Giselle and her husband Robert played by Patrick Dempsey relocate to a new home in the suburbs which means the former Disney Princess will have new challenges to face. Patrick Dempsey will sing in this movie and Idina Menzel and James Marsden will also both be back!