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TJ’s Tuesday Things

cheese dip

Grape Nuts have a shortage.  I forgot people still eat those!!! My mom used to eat them all the time. But apparently this is a nationwide thing and people are freaking out and some are marking them up on Amazon for $110 A BOX!!!  Now I want grape nuts.  Also, how does my mom still have teeth?

Superbowl is this Sunday! My husband the Packer fan is still pouting and says he isnt watching it :::insert eye roll emoji here::: but every year I have to make my world famous cheese dip. It was a recipe passed down to me that I’m sworn to secrecy only to pass down to my daughter BUT I will post a video making it on my Instagram @Tjradio mayyyybe you can guess the ingredients!

Valentine’s Day is also coming up!  A new survey came out that said mom’s want “time alone” for Valentine’s Day.  I could mos def use a pedicure, like one of those REALLLLY fancy ones so I totally get that.  The top three gifts women don’t want?  #1 fuzzy handcuffs (LOL) #2 flowers and #3 those heart shaped boxes of chocolate …feel free to leave this page open on your husbands laptop.

I watched Justin Timberlake’s new movie “Palmer” over the weekend. It was SOOOO GOOD! It’s on Apple TV and recommend if you are looking for a new movie to watch! Justin’s best acting work for sure!

Dunkin’ has rolled out free coffee Mondays!   Every Monday this month if you are a member of the Dunkin’ Perks and make a purchase you will get a free coffee!

And if you are looking for something cute to do for Valentine’s day that involves heart shaped food, here is an entire list of places offering everything from heart shaped pizza’s to heart shaped donuts and bagels! I also saw this super cute mini heart waffle maker at Target for $10.

I hope you have a great week!