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TJ’s Weekend As Snow White

fawn doe 3

Have you been to Fawn-Doe-Rosa? It’s in St Croix Falls and its my favorite place in the world. This is not an ad I just want everyone to experience the magic. I feel like Snow White, feeding deer and playing with ducks. It’s become a tradition for me since I found it back in 2012. Yesterday we went with 45 minutes until close, we were doing pictures in the area and it was so cool to see a side I’ve never seen before.

This deer totally understood the assignment, I…however failed LOL

fawn doe 1

Fam picture on the bridge!

fawn doe 2

I just can’t handle how magical this experience is for my four year old.  Her fav animals at the farm were the chickens. OUT of alllllll the animals she loves the chickens best so the other night we had chicken for dinner and she asked if they were the same chickens from the farm and I was like “well, not those exact chickens but chickens like them” this kid HIT her knees right there in the kitchen said she was done eating the chicken and was going to pray to Jesus because she was sad for the chickens. I have no idea if she’ll remember the next time we eat chicken but it’s possible she is a vegetarian now.

fawn doe 3 fawn doe 4













Did you know porcupines smell like B.O? I didnt and kept smelling my pits while I was there until the owner told me they stink  and its not me. ha! They also eat corn like humans and its the cutest thing ever!

fawn doe 5