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TJ’s Weekend Wrap Up

hall 2

I hope you had a safe but fun Halloween!  My daughter decided she was going to be the Minnie Mouse witch and not Cinderella.  I love this witch hat on her.  Our family usually goes all out for Halloween but this year I decided to save the money, she’s too young to know her dad and I “skipped” dressing up so we went with this option this year. BUT we both did say the night of Halloween we should have dressed up so next year no matter what…its on!

hall 2hall 1

My in laws built her a clean pile of leaves to jump in so she loved that too. She was over trick or treating real quick she wanted to do “makeup” and play in the leaves.

Side note: this kid LOVES wearing masks.

leaves 1

This is my dog Kitty, he never acts like a dog so its always funny when he does.  We have a fireplace in our townhome now and he was just living his best life!

kitty fire