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Trying to get over a breakup? Listen to songs by Post Malone and Destiny’s Child

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Remember that contest where someone would be paid $1,100 to listen to 24-hours of heartbreak anthems?  Well, the results are in, and they show if you want to get over a breakup, you better listen to Destiny’s Child and Post Malone.

FinanceBuzz hired Cristin Sauter, a musician and psychotherapist, as their DJ of Heartache.  She was tasked with listening to the biggest breakup songs of all time and organizing them into playlists coinciding with the five stages of grief: denial, anger, relapse, depression and acceptance. 

Taylor Swift snags the title of having the most breakup anthems out of any other artist.

The DJ of Heartache was also tasked to rate each song’s ability to help a listener get over a heartbreak.  The songs were scored between one and 10, with 10 being the highest, in their ability to offer “emotional relief through the different stages of a breakup,” per the company’s description.

Although Taylor has the lion’s share of heartbreak anthems, her music only achieved a 5.7 out of 10 on the emotional relief rating scale, or E.R.R.  Fleetwood Mac scored the highest, with an E.R.R of 9.5, while second place went to Post Malone and The Beatles, who both earned a nine.  Destiny‘s Child took third with an overall E.R.R. of 8.5.

Also making it into the top 10 were Shawn MendesJames BayJames ArthurLewis Capaldi and Adele, who all achieved an E.R.R of eight.

As for the artists with the least effective songs, Daughtry and Backstreet Boys both achieved a score of three, while Miley Cyrus earned a 2.2.  Fifth Harmony also made it into the bottom 10, earning a mediocre score of two.

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