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A lot of us count on food delivery apps to satisfy our cravings, and some people aren’t afraid to ask for the weird stuff they want, thinking no one else will find out about it. But it turns out, what happens on Uber Eats doesn’t always stay there. Sometimes, it gets shared with the world in the Uber Eats Cravings Report.

The fifth annual report has just come out, revealing the most popular and most unusual special requests of 2023. These are some of the surprising trends Uber Eats has seen in the last few months:

  • Americans want more heat – People are asking for hot sauce more than any other condiment this year.
  • As American as apple pie – The top dessert order of 2023 is apple pie, and Uber Eats delivered almost 2-million apple pie orders.
  • Beyond fast food – The top three most popular non-food items ordered are Scott Unscented Toilet Paper, Plan B One-Step Emergency Contraceptive and COVID-19 Antigen Home Tests.
  • Midnight munchies – Between study sessions and nights out on the town, college cravings often hit late. Penn State is the college with the most late night orders (midnight to 4 a.m.), followed by University of Iowa.
  • Manners matter – The most polite cities are San Francisco and Richmond, Virginia, where people say “please” and “thank you” most in their instructions.
  • The most generous tippers in the country are in Olympia, Washington; Asheville, North Carolina; and Bismarck, North Dakota.

As for the top food orders:

  • The most popular delivery requests in the U.S. are no onions, dressing on the side, Ranch, extra soy sauce and spicy.
  • The most ordered item is French fries, then garlic naan and Pad Thai.
  • The most popular delivery combos are burrito bowl + cheese, French fries + salt, and chicken sandwich + shredded lettuce.
  • There are a lot of surprising food combos ordered, with the most unexpected being steak + jelly, followed by cottage cheese + mustard, and condensed milk + avocado.
  • The most frequently paired food and alcohol is ribeye + vodka, cheeseburger + frozen margarita, and chicken + frozen piña colada.

The most unique delivery requests include:

  • “Extra cheese sauce please 🙂 I’ll pay for it. I’m also drunk asf so if you load it up you’d make me the happiest drunk girl ever.”
  • “Sauce on everything. I mean it. Literally drown my food in that amazing nectar.”
  • “I’m very serious about my spice so please make it super super super hot, fire spicy. Like make me cry 😢 🥵 hot!!! More 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Please make me hurt! Let’s get as spicy as possible. Hotter the better!!!”
  • “Put it in a box instead of a circle container. I refuse to eat any food if presented in a circle container. Please don’t ruin my meal for me.”
  • “Please drench the whole bowl in white sauce with a spiral of red sauce!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Just do what I ask.”
  • “Could you please write a note on the coffee saying ‘Hope you have a great day Jojo, I’m proud of you <3.’ It’s for a girl I really like. Thanks a lot!”

Source: Uber