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[VIDEO] Man Invents Robot That Puts In And Takes Out Your Contact Lenses

Anyone who has ever had to deal with contact lenses knows what a pain it can be to put the lenses in and then take them out. A Florida man named Craig Hershoff certainly understood that dilemma which is why he invented a robot that will now insert your lens and remove it for you.

Hershoff was diagnosed with Fuch’s dystrophy in 2000 and almost lost his sight. He received three corneal transplants in 10 years. Once he discovered a contact lens that worked for him he went through a period of anxiety which caused his hands to shake while inserting and removing his contact lenses. That’s why he began to work on a solution for everyone with this issue.

The CLIARA Lens Robot was born out of necessity. CLIARA is an acronym for Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Apparatus. The robot uses suction cups to measure the precise amount of force needed to insert and remove the lenses. It’s currently in clinical trials and Hershoff hopes to have the device ready for commercial use as soon as next year.