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Videos by Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Harry Styles nominated for Production Design Awards

Beth Garrabrant

The videos for Taylor Swift‘s “Cardigan,” Camila Cabello‘s “Oh My My” and Harry Styles‘ “Falling” have all been nominated for the 25th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards, handed out by the Art Directors Guild. 

Production design means the overall aesthetic of a movie, TV show, commercial or video, which helps tell the story.

Cardigan,” “ My Oh My” and “Falling” are included in the Short Format: Web series, music video or commercial category.  Camila’s video and Harry’s video had the same production designer, though the aesthetic of Harry and Taylor’s videos are somewhat similar.

In Harry’s video, he’s shown wearing a frilly blouse while playing the piano in a room. Water erupts out of the piano and slowly begins to fill the room, until he and the piano are both completely submerged.

In Taylor’s video, she’s playing an old upright piano in a cabin.  She opens the top of the piano, climbs into it and finds herself in a magical forest, playing a moss- covered grand piano that has a waterfall spilling out of it.  She then opens up the piano bench, climbs into it and finds herself swimming in a stormy sea. She swims over to a floating piano, climbs inside it, and ends up back in her cabin, soaking wet.

As for Camila’s video, it’s a mini-movie in which she plays a ’50s-era actress who gets tired of playing a damsel in distress in black-and-white films. After meeting a budding film director, she ends up starring in a full-color film where she’s the hero, slicing and dicing bad guys left and right with her Japanese sword.

The winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony that will stream on April 10 at 7 p.m. ET.

By Andrea Dresdale
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