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Violet Hanson

It’s no secret that children tend to be accident-prone. When those everyday accidents turn into something more urgent, you have other children to care for, and access to care feels uncertain due to COVID, however, the path ahead feels uncertain and weighty.

Violet Hanson fell off her bike at age three and lost both her top front teeth as a result. Parents Nick and Shyla took her to her regular pediatrician, who administered a series of tests to ensure Violet didn’t have a concussion or any injuries related to her fall that weren’t as obvious as her broken teeth.

As it turned out, Violet didn’t do well on the hearing test she was given, and her pediatrician referred the Hansons to Gillette for a Pediatric Expert Consult. This virtual appointment gave the Hansons a fast and easy way to connect with an expert from the comfort of their own home, and to get advice on what to do next.

Violet (1)The consult revealed some speech concerns related to Violet’s broken teeth and confirmed her pediatrician’s concern around potential hearing loss. The Gillette expert recommended Violet see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and someone in audiology. They assisted Nick and Shyla in scheduling all of Violet’s appointments, across departments and on the same day. 

“It was really easy to do the online consult from the comfort of our home, especially during peak of COVID,” Nick says. “Gillette made the process really easy, from the consult through the follow-up appointments. A lot of places, you’d have separate appointments months apart, and we would have been left wondering, in between”

Violet’s follow-up appointments at Gillette revealed fluid build-up in her sinus cavity that was impacting her hearing and speech. The audiologist worked directly with the ENT specialist to connect the dots on Violet’s needs and to set a best course of action moving forward. Violet’s plan includes speech therapy at Gillette and in partnership with her school district, which Gillette helped the Hansons set up.

“More than anything else, Gillette put our minds at ease. Our biggest worry as a parent is that, if something is wrong with your kid, it isn’t too serious – and if it is, there’s a plan,” Nick shared. “We felt good and happy and safe working with Gillette. They were able to pinpoint the problem and give us a plan of attack. We weren’t sitting there wondering.”