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Walk the Moon’s Nicholas Petricca reflects on a year since coming out as bisexual

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Walk the Moon singer Nicholas Petricca honored the last day of Pride Month by reflecting on his coming out story.

Petricca, 34, came out as bisexual last year and in a Wednesday Instagram post, he revealed that he has learned even more about his sexuality since.

Today is the last day of Pride Month.  This time last year, I came out and publicly celebrated my Queerness,” the “Shut Up And Dance” singer began. “The word I used at the time was ‘bisexual,’ and since then I have discovered other words — ‘pansexual’, ‘omnisexual’ — that resonate with me as well.  To be honest, the label means little to me in comparison to the pride and freedom I feel to be precisely whatever it is that I truly am.”

The rocker thanked fans for the outpouring of support he received since coming out, admitting, “I found myself crying with happiness to feel this reflection of light and love beaming back at me from the world.”

Petricca also had encouraging words for those who are struggling to accept who they are, declaring, “YOUR pride, your freedom, your light, your love are vitally important to this world.”

He added, “It doesn’t matter to me what it is that makes you feel different or scared or misunderstood, and it doesn’t matter whether you share it or keep it to yourself.  The answer I’m interested in is: can you love yourself there??”

“You have great gifts to give and an epic destiny to fulfill while you’ve got this precious life, and in my experience, they’re only as,” Petricca continued on behalf of his band. “Whether you identify as Queer or not, I want you to know WALK THE MOON loves you and believes in your power.  Happy Pride.”

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