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WATCH: A few of our favorite “secret handshakes” for when you finally reunite with your besties!

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With all this time on our hands, many of us haven’t seen our besties in what seems like FOREVER! That being said, now is the time to come up with that perfect handshake for when you finally reunite.

We’ve put together some of our favorite “secret handshakes” to hopefully inspire you for that glorious day when we can finally go without worrying about “social distance” and handshakes/hugs are welcome greetings again!

Annie & The Butler – The Parent Trap

Turk & Elliot – Scrubs

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Bieber

Max & Brad – Happy Endings

Jason & Pillboi – The Good Place

This teacher & all his students

Or maybe something simple like these two little boys will work for you!