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WATCH: An important reminder to be kind … especially to children

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If you’re a parent during this pandemic, you 100% understand how hard it is to keep children entertained. So if something as simple as chalk and a blacktop will give your child a creative outlet … go for it, right?

A woman (now dubbed “Sidewalk Susan”) is going viral for rudely washing away the chalk art of a small child. The day started fine as a little girl worked hard to channel her creativity into a beautiful chalk drawing for everyone to enjoy. Too bad “Susan” came along and quickly washed it all away.

In the video the mom says, “I hope you’re proud of yourself,” and the woman goes on to explain, “We don’t want to have to look down at this mess.” The mother immediately suggests the woman not look down, but unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears as “Susan” continued to wash away all the little girl’s art.

We’re not saying every sidewalk drawing is a grand piece of art, and sure, like “Susan” said the rain will eventually wash it all way … but how about we let kids be kids and make chalk doodles in the street? ESPECIALLY in the middle of a pandemic, which has already forced many of them to grow up WAY too soon.

Watch the video below: