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Watch Camila Cabello sing “Bam Bam” as part of Vevo’s Official Live Performance series

Courtesy VEVO

While Camila Cabello has said she’d love to do a tour behind her new album, Familia, she has yet to schedule any dates. But if you want to see her perform the songs from the album, Vevo’s got you covered.

Camila has teamed with Vevo for its Official Live Performance series and will be releasing four videos that show her performing in custom settings that were designed in close collaboration with the singer. The first one, for “Bam Bam,” is available to watch now.

The clip shows Camila dressed in white, standing in a field surrounded by mountains, singing the song all alone. As she walks through the field, she meets up with a troupe of female dancers, dressed in white outfits with ripped pieces of fabric hanging down. 

Ed Sheeran isn’t part of the performance, so Camila sings the second verse and joins a troupe of male dancers dressed in similar white outfits. Eventually, her journey through the field leads her to a full band with a stage, where she and her dancers finish the number.

The custom set was designed to reflect “joy, movement and freedom,” according to Vevo.

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