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Watch Ed Sheeran make a cameo in video for pal's new song, which he co-wrote & sings on

L-R: Ed Sheeran, Joel Crouse, Darius Rucker; credit: Rob Norris

In 2013, singer/songwriter Joel Crouse was one of the opening acts on Taylor Swift‘s Red tour, which is where he first met fellow opening act Ed Sheeran.  Six years later, Ed and Joel teamed up to write a song together, and now you can see Ed make a cameo in the new music video for the song, which is called “On My Way.”

The video intercuts footage of Joel singing the song with footage of people all over the world writing messages to their friends and loved ones for supporting them through hard times.  A few of those people include Joel’s friend Darius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish, and Joel’s ex-girlfriend Lucy Hale.

Ed is also seen writing a message, but we also see a lot of footage him and Joel working on the song together in the studio. Ed also sings backup vocals on the track.

As for the tune itself, it’s a powerful message of support that was written to raise awareness of mental health. The chorus goes, “You don’t have to hurt yourself/I’m on my way/I know that you need some help/to ease the pain.”

Joel tells Rolling Stone, “It’s not strictly about suicide, but that’s what we had in mind. People hitting low points and letting those thoughts get the best of them.”

“Most of us can relate to the crippling feelings that anxiety, depression and addiction can bring up, but we often have a hard time asking for help, which shouldn’t be the case,” he adds in a statement.

“Even in the moments of feeling completely alone, hopefully all of us have someone we can reach out to…Someone who always says, ‘I’m on my way.’”

The song already has more than two million streams on Spotify.

By Andrea Dresdale
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