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[WATCH] EXY BEASTS Official Trailer (HD) Netflix

Netflix has introduced a new dating show called “Sexy Beasts” that they describe as “Love Is Blind” meets “The Masked Singer.” “Sexy Beasts” involves guests testing chemistry with others without ever seeing their faces — which are masked by cutting-edge Hollywood movie prosthetics. Singles, transformed into various animals and mythical creatures, then head to blind dates.

Produced by All3Media-backed Lion TV, the reality show has signed on for two seasons and will be narrated by “Catastrophe” star and comedian Rob Delaney.

Each episode will feature a new single eager to find love based on personality, not looks. The ambitious single will select from among three potential love matches in full prosthetic makeup — but the single will only see the real face of their pick after making the final decision.

Artist Kristyan Mallett, an FX artist who has worked on “Mission Impossible” and “The Theory of Everything,” has designed 48 makeup prosthetics for the show.

The show’s trailer introduces a cute panda and a bull with a sick haircut. “I wanna get married. I wanna have babies before I’m, like, 26,” the panda says. “Do you have health insurance?” the bull replies.

Viewers then encounter some kind of green bug with antennae, as well as a gopher with buck teeth. In addition to a dog and a devil, there are also some harder-to-identify creatures.

In full makeup, contestants go on normal dates — or not. Activities include going to an amusement park, shooting guns and making out despite horns or other facial features getting in the way.

The first six-part season of episodes will be released globally on July 21, and the second season of six more episodes will drop later this year. (New York Post)