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WATCH: Jimmy Fallon interviews John Legend for the new “At Home Edition” of his show

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Since we’ve all moved to these “at home” platforms, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has actually created a lovely new concept … The Tonight Show: At Home Edition! Instead of inviting guests to join him in the studio, host Fallon has been chatting it up with guests via video chat. It’s not only given us as an audience a wonderful glimpse into the “at home” lives of some of our favorite celebrities, but it’s also added a new layer of whimsy to the show … if that makes sense. The show isn’t full of “planned bits” and “forced jokes” anymore, it’s back to good ole’ conversational volleying.

This week, Fallon was joined by superstar John Legend!

Watch below:

Jimmy Fallon brings John Legend to his #stayhome party to highlight a charity and perform his song “Actions” via video chat in another Tonight Show home edition. Tonight, Jimmy lets fans do the interviewing with Ask The Fallons and debuts a new quarantine tune “Prom with Your Mom.”