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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston surprise a frontline nurse exposed to COVID-19

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It must be a little scary being out there on the frontline during this time. Even though you are deemed essential, the treat of being exposed to coronavirus is always looming over you.

A Utah nurse, Kimball Fairbank, is currently in isolation after being exposed and diagnosed with COVID-19. This week, she joined Jimmy Kimmel via video call to talk about her experience dealing with the virus. Fortunately her symptoms are generally very mild, but at one point she describes the all too real feeling of being “hit by a train!”

During the interview, Kimball also mentioned how cooking was difficult and she spent a lot of time surviving on food delivery. Well … Kimmel and Friends alum Jennifer Aniston decided to surprise and thank the nurse with the news she’ll be receiving a $10,000 gift certificate from Postmates!

Watch the video below: