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Watch Josh Groban's cinematic new video for "Angels"

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A video for Josh Groban‘s version of British pop superstar Robbie Williams‘ song “Angels” is now streaming on Facebook Watch.

In the clip, Josh stands in a dramatic architectural structure on top of a mountain, surrounded by incredible views, as he belts out the song.  That’s intercut with footage of a variety of people who all seem to be going through some sort of struggle, but are able to find solace through their friends, their partners or their memories.

“I hope you enjoy the new video for ‘Angels!'” Josh writes on Instagram. “We captured some incredible people with life affirming stories.”

“I invite you to interpret them through your own lenses as we’re all searching for meaning and hope right now whether we find it looking up or to the people next to us,” he adds. He also thanked Robbie Williams for “this absolute banger” of a song.

“Angels” is one of the songs on Josh’s latest album, Harmony. It’s a good bet that he’ll sing it during his upcoming Valentine’s Day livestream concert.  On Twitter, he’s asked fans to put in their requests for songs they want to hear.

“I’m feeling saucy. It might go off the rails. In a good way!” he wrote.

You can get tickets for the concert now at JoshGroban/livestream.

By Andrea Dresdale
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