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Watch Lady Gaga perform live tonight in Pennsylvania

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Like pretty much every other artist in the world, Lady Gaga had to cancel her world tour this year, so chances to see her perform have been few and far between. So far, we’ve seen her sing on a few charity appearances and at the MTV Video Music Awards — but you’ll get another chance tonight.

Gaga will be performing tonight in Pittsburgh, P.A. starting at 7 p.m. ET at She’s taking part in Vice President Joe Biden‘s final drive-in rally of the campaign before tomorrow’s election.

For weeks, now, Gaga has been very outspoken about urging her fans to vote, period, but the last couple of days, she’s been actively campaigning for Biden/Harris. 

She tweeted on Monday morning, “Good morning PENNSYLVANIA! I’m so excited to see you today and SING for you!!!!!!! I believe in  YOU & I  !! Let’s talk about what America looks like with a KINDER President. WE NEED EVERY VOTE. I’m with @JoeBiden — Lets go.”

Yesterday, Gaga tweeted a picture of herself with Biden, whom she called “a good friend.”  The two started working together several years ago on an initiative called “It’s On Us,” which was aimed at ending sexual assault, especially on college campuses.

When the Trump Campaign criticized Biden for enlisting an “anti-fracking activist” like Lady Gaga to help him, Gaga responded to both President Trump and his campaign’s director of communications, saying, “IM GLAD TO BE LIVING RENT FREE in your HEAD.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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