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Watch Lewis Capaldi record a heartfelt message to a fan’s dog

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Lewis Capaldi is always game for a laugh, as he proved by fulfilling a fan’s request to record a video message for her dog Sam.

As the Glasgow Times reports, the fan, Lesley Kelly, happened to run into Lewis at a beer garden in Glasgow, Scotland, where she made the request.

“He was with his mates at a picnic bench. I went over to ask for a pic and as I am obsessed with my beagle — he’s my only child — I asked would he do a video for him. The dog is also a big fan,” Lesley told the paper. “It was a good laugh and he was happy to oblige.”

“Hello Sam the Beagle, who can’t understand a f***in’ word of English! It’s Lewis Capaldi here, as if that means anything to you, a dog!” the Scottish singer says in the video.

“I’m here with your mother Lesley,” he continued, as his pals made barking noises in the background. “And I’ve got a dog called Frank that would love to meet you one day — maybe Sam, we’ll see what happens…but until then, we’ll kick on. And it’s lovely to speak to you, Sam the dog, and I’ll see you later. Going for a walk now.”

You can watch the video over at and see a photo of Sam listening to his message. He seems alert, but unimpressed.

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