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WATCH: Netflix releases an official trailer for the upcoming film, ‘The Sleepover’

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IMAGE: Netflix

Netflix continues to surprise us as the continue to release new trailers from their vault. This week, the streaming giant released an official trailer for the upcoming film, The Sleepover starring Malin Akerman, Ken Marino and Joe Manganiello.

Watch the trailer below:

Get ready for a sleepover like no other! During a fun weekend sleepover with their best friends, two siblings discover that their seemingly normal stay-at-home mom Margot (Malin Akerman) is actually a former high-end thief in the witness protection program. When both their mom and dad (Ken Marino) are kidnapped and forced to pull one last job with an ex-flame of Margot’s (Joe Manganiello), the siblings must team up to rescue their parents over the course of one action-packed night that they’ll never forget. THE SLEEPOVER is on Netflix August 21.