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Watch Pink & Keith Urban connect across an ocean in new video for "One Too Many"

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After giving the song its TV premiere last night on the ACM Awards, Pink and Keith Urban have now released the socially distanced video for their duet “One Too Many,” which you can now watch on Keith’s Facebook page.

Pink filmed her part of the clip in Los Angeles, while Keith did his part in Sydney. Keith is shown floating on a couch in the middle of an ocean, with no one to keep him company except his guitars; Pink, meanwhile, is on a beach singing wistfully into the distance. 

As the two sing the duet — about two partners who are struggling to communicate while one battles a drinking problem — we see various other people floating in the ocean on couches and recliners, including couples and some buddies who are partying together.

While the two appear together in a few shots, that’s only through the magic of editing.

At the end of the clip, Keith is standing on his couch playing a guitar solo, while Pink dances on the beach.

“One Too Many” is on Keith’s new album The Speed of Now Part 1, which comes out on Friday.

By Andrea Dresdale

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