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“Watch right out!”: Ariana Grande warns the other coaches as she makes her ‘Voice’ debut

Trae Patton/NBC

The Voice returns tonight on NBC, with new coach Ariana Grande taking a seat in the big red chairs alongside Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and John Legend.  And according to Ariana, the fact that she’s “the new girl”  is exactly what’s going to give her an advantage this season.

Ariana says of the other coaches, “They’ve done it, y’know? They’ve been here, they’ve seen the show, they’ve come to set, they’ve done it a million years, y’know know what I mean? I’m kind of like, y’know, new and ready to go.”

“I feel like I have that chutzpah that they maybe have lost a little bit of throughout the years,” Ariana adds, warning Blake, Kelly and John, “Watch right out!”

That being said, Ariana sees John Legend as her biggest competition.

“I think we both kind of gravitate towards R&B and pop, like, that sort of hybrid space,” she explains. “And I think that he and I will probably go head to head over a lot of the singers that we hear, because I think that we both have similar tastes in sounds and music.”

However, Ariana declares that she’s “not afraid” to work with a rock or country singer, explaining that “picking someone with a different sound” than her would be “so much more fun and so much more challenging.”

But competition aside, Ari says she’s thrilled to be on the show, because she’s truly a fan.

“One of the reasons why I love The Voice so much is because not only does it showcase voices and talent and singers and makes space for these brilliant performers…but it also feels so loving,” she gushes. “…[It] creates such a beautiful space for people to come be themselves and share their stories. And that always really moves me.”

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