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Watch Shawn Mendes admit to Alicia Keys that his Netflix doc makes him look like "kind of a d**k"

Courtesy Netflix

In a Netflix Movie Club feature, Shawn Mendes and the woman he considers a “mentor,” Alicia Keys, discuss their creative processes, as well as Shawn’s new song, “Wonder,” vulnerability, and Shawn’s new Netflix documentary — which he admits isn’t always flattering.

While making the documentary, In Wonder, Shawn explains that even though it was kind of awkward to have a film crew following him around, it was important, because he wanted the director to capture all the moments, both good and bad.  And that sometimes gave Shawn more than he bargained for.

“The hard part was editing because when things start coming together, you start seeing the guy on the screen who looks amazing and sounds amazing and seems so caring and loving,” Shawn tells Alicia. “But you also see the guy who’s kind of a d**k sometimes when he gets scared and gets frustrated — and you’re like, ‘Uh, I don’t know if I want people to see that guy.'”

Alicia cracks up and responds, “Yeah, so, do you go for it?”

“You just gotta let ’em see it, you have them let them see that vulnerability,” Shawn insists. “And that’s the point of doing something like that. Otherwise, for me, like, doing documentary would just be to elevate my name and that to me is not a good enough reason to do a documentary.”

In Wonder is streaming on Netflix now, along with something that just debuted today: Shawn Mendes: Live in Concert.  It documents Shawn’s stadium show in his hometown of Toronto.

He wrote on Twitter,Wanted to give you guys something as a thank you for all of the love on the doc. I know we all miss live shows so much right now so tonight we’re releasing #LiveInConcert, the full concert film from the Rogers Centre.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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