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Watch Taylor Swift praise her BFF Selena Gomez's cooking skills: "I'm so proud of you!"

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Taylor Swift fans know that when she’s not touring stadiums or releasing chart-topping albums, she just loves to cook.  So it’s no surprise that her best friend Selena Gomez wanted to impress Taylor with her newfound culinary skills — and conveniently, she did it on camera so we can all watch.

Selena hosts a 10-episode series for HBO Max called Selena + Chef, which features the singer and actress teaming up with a different famous chef to learn how to cook a variety of dishes — remotely, at home. 

The show launched August 13, and in one of the episodes, celebrity chef Roy Choi walks Selena through creating a Korean BBQ breakfast taco, and she’s so proud of her handiwork that she immediately FaceTimes Taylor to show her what she’s made.

In a scene captured and posted on Twitter by a fan, Selena calls Taylor and holds the phone above the tacos so she can get a good look.

“Oh my God! What is that?” asks Taylor.  Selena can’t remember, so Choi chimes in, “It’s a Korean BBQ breakfast taco.”

After waving hello to Selena’s grandparents, who are with her in the kitchen, Taylor says to Selena, “If you don’t send me the recipe we’re gonna have words!  I wanna be served that!”

“I’m really jealous of your whole set up, and the fact that you guys are cooking together — it’s pretty great. I’m really envious,” Taylor tells Roy, while a graphic identifying her as a “music icon/amateur chef” pops onscreen.

“Dude, I’m so proud of you,” Taylor tells Selena. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to become obsessed with cooking???” 

“A long time,” laughs Selena.

By Andrea Dresdale
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