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Watch the “Scariest” Episode of Sesame Street!


This episode has been hidden for almost 50 years! It came out back in 1976 and got so many complaints from parents for being “scary” they pulled the episode and it was never heard from again…UNTIL someone on Reddit posted it! LOL

The episode features Margaret Hamilton from “Wizard of Oz.” She was in character as the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST.

In the episode, the Wicked Witch loses her broom on Sesame Street.  So she has to learn the importance of using the word “please” and treating others with respect in order to get it back. I totally get this, my little brother had a bad dream about the wicked witch after watching wizard of oz and was TERRIFIED of her. Like full on screaming nightmare, hide if the movie was on, like it was a real thing. He would have lost his ISH if he saw her on Sesame Street!