What did you do on Pow Day?!

What did you do on Pow Day?!

Sledding? Snow Angels? Or shoveling?! *boohiss*

Not to brag… but I love the freedom of the overnight schedule. Perfect for a Pow Day! We save money going during weekdays and this week we got the POWIEST PowPow Evarrrr!

Secretly, I want to be an amateur snowboard videographer. I haven’t mastered any tricks or jumps but I do like the challenge of trying to keep up and capture someone else without crashing. #faceplant #morefunwhenyoudontfall #wearyourhelmet

I could probably benefit from a camera set-up upgrade. Ha!

It really doesn’t get much better for those of us who love the snow!

And yes, I did tumble a couple times off camera but that powdery snow cushions the fall and when you “roll with it”  you’ll cartwheel or somersault right back up on your feet! So fun!

Below, a picture of my sister Ashley’s sidewalk in the Albertville, MN area and it’s like a tunnel made of snow!
New February snow records for the Twin Cities!

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