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“What’s the problem?”: Lil Nas X responds to controversy over potential collab with The Wiggles

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Lil Nas X finally responded to those angry parents who don’t want him to collaborate with The Wiggles, an Australian children’s music group.

Tempers erupted last week when the group shared an Instagram photo of them and Lil Nas X hanging out at Australia’s Falls Festival. They captioned it, “New collab in the wind?”

Some parents condemned the idea because of Lil Nas X’s past controversies, such as his 2021 “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” music video in which he gives the devil a lap dance or when he sold “Satan shoes” that allegedly contained a drop of human blood.

Critics felt Lil Nas X was too inappropriate and polarizing of a person to work with The Wiggles, so they threatened to stop supporting the group if they went through with it.

While The Wiggles have yet to respond to the controversy, Lil Nas X stepped up to the plate after a critic tweeted about the potential collab. “Lil Nas X has put human blood into 666 pairs of his design for nike shoes and is now planning to collaborate with The wiggles,” they wrote.

The rapper fired back, “what’s the problem.”

It should be noted Lil Nas X has a bit of a history with the Australian group. Prior to launching his Long Live Montero tour, he revealed he wanted them as co-headliners. He also said back in 2020 that he wanted The Wiggles to jump on a remix of “Rodeo.”

It is unknown if they are actually working on a collab at this time.

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