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Where My Cat People At?! HALLLLLLP!


This is where I’m at on the desperation scale. I need to hear ALL the suggestions.  My husband got two kittens back in September and at first they weren’t so bad but like NOW they run our home.  My husband works from home so its worse for him and hes THIIIIIIS close to giving them to a nice new home and using our life savings on therapy for our four year old. I am a BIG believer in if you make the commitment to get the animals they are always your responsibility no matter what, its unfair to the animal to rehome them because they are annoying.  This has gone WAY past annoying now. Here are the issues.

  1. Cant keep them off the counters. I HATE it. Its gross and I want to lose my mind. Once on the counter they are into everything. Drinking water from the sink, opening ANY food bag that may be up there and knock things off which then break. THEY OPEN THE CUPBOARDS BY THEMSELVES.  We tried a spray bottle, they don’t care. We tried aluminum foil, doesnt bother them. We bought a giant $100 cat tree they can climb and sprayed the crap out of it with cat nip. They like that for a minute then back on the counters. I cant just keep literally everything off the counter, that’s not realistic.
  2. They scratch all our brand new furniture. They have SO many scratching posts.  Declawing them is not an option but I did hear of nail capping so if you have a recommendations on a groomer/vet that does that please let me know.
  3. they are OBSESSED with food, I didnt even think cats liked food that much LOL but i cant feed my dogs or they eat their food, if i make a small sound with a bag, they are AGRESSIVE AF and I feel like they would eat my face if I lost consciousness. Are we not feeding them enough?!
  4. They sleep in the main level bathroom because we can not trust them out overnight by themselves our home would be DESTROYED but also i would like my bathroom back and I feel bad they are in there.  Any ideas on where the cats can be overnight? What do you do? Maybe Im missing something.

I just need to know if there is a spray, deterrent, cat-home, brand of food, toys etc that you use so we can try absolutely everything before last resort of rehoming them. Also, we are in desperate need of a primary vet in the maple grove/otsego/rogers/elk river area for both dogs and cats.  Please help save our  mental health (mostly my husbands) and throw out all the things that work for you. I just cant believe cats run other homes the way they run ours haha.   Email me tj@ks95.com or instagram @tjradio or leave a comment on this post. THANK YOU