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Who’s still wrecked from the series finale of ‘Schitt’s Creek?’


After six glorious seasons, last night we said goodbye to Johnny, Moira, David, Alexis and the entire Schitt’s Creek community! When the show first started it was a quiet success, but then quickly gained momentum until it became somewhat of a cult classic. So when the show announced that season six would be the end fans were openly devastated. Unlike many shows, knowing the past season would its last, Schitt’s Creek was able to end on their terms. They were able to tie up loose ends and give us the an ending we (as fans) truly deserved. We here at KS95 are big fans of the show and, like a lot of super fans, even have our very own Rose family parallels. Were we happy to see the show come to an end? Absolutely not. But did we quietly bawl our eyes out as we watched the credits roll on the final new episode of a seemingly perfect series? We sure did. How do you feel about the series finale? Where you a big fan of Schitt’s Creek? Who is your Schitt’s Creek soulmate?


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