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Why Lady Gaga became a "kindness punk"

Norbert Schoerner

In her new Chromatica era, Lady Gaga has spoken many times about the importance of being kind and spreading kindness — she’s also called herself a “kindness punk.” But she says the concept is something that she’s been aware of since she was a teenager being bullied at school.

Speaking on the Australian TV show The Project, Gaga said that being bullied “stays with you your whole life,” adding, “I remember things that my bullies said to me in front of other people. And no one said anything. Nobody said to me, ‘Are you OK? Are you fine?’ In fact, if I were to speak up about a bully being mean to me, it would just make it harder for me at school.”

She continued, “Being bullied has taught me the importance of spreading kindness in the world because it’s something that we can fix.”

And in the new issue of Vanity Fair Italia, Gaga notes, “I believe that kindness goes in two directions: it’s not just about being kind to others, but to yourself.”

As previously reported, Spotify has launched a dedicated #KindnessMovement website to promote Gaga’s new album Chromatica, featuring downloadable posters with messages like “Kindness Is Magic,” “Stay Kind” and “You Are Worthy.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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