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Why Lauren Daigle's five-year-old song "You Say" is still helping people: "It gives people something to hold on to"

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For Lauren Daigle, “You Say” has been the gift that keeps on giving.  She wrote the song five years ago, but on Wednesday night, it helped earn her yet another trophy — her seventh overall — at the Billboard Music Awards.  Lauren says that’s because the lyrics of the song seem to be able to help people at any given moment in time.

“It’s wild how you can write a song and have absolutely no context for where it’s going to land, and the time period that it’s going to land in,” she mused at the Billboard Awards. “And the way that a lyric can shift and shape differently through seasons. It’s crazy!”

And that’s why, she says, “You Say” seems to be offering folks some comfort during this particularly insane and trying time we’re all living through.

“For right now, the thing about that lyric is it gives people something to hold on to,” she explained.

“I remember when I wrote it, it was all about identity. I was so afraid of where I was going. It was a lot of fear of the unknown. And I think that’s kind of what we are all sitting in right now,” she continues.

“There might be some insecurity or uncertainty that we’re kind of looking at. And this song is something that people can [use to] remind themselves of their identity, remind them what God says of them, and how He’s going to take care of us through it all.”

Just last month, “You Say” which was released in 2018, passed 100 weeks on top of Billboard‘s Hot Christian Songs chart, after topping the publication’s Adult Contemporary chart and reaching the top five of its Adult Pop Songs chart.

By Andrea Dresdale
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