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Why “Numb Little Bug” singer Em Beihold is trying to “create a safe, inclusive place” with her music


Em Beihold‘s song “Numb Little Bug” blew up on TikTok. Now it’s a radio hit and her first major tour starts April 19. But the singer/songwriter says she isn’t trying to become a superstar or get to number one: For her, it’s all about helping people with her music.

“My biggest goal is to create a safe, inclusive place,” she tells ABC Audio. “‘Cause I definitely grew up kinda being excluded from things and people didn’t really understand me. And so when people are like, ‘I had my first day at school and no one talked to me, but I listened to your song and I feel like I have a friend through the phone’ — like, that’s the most meaningful by far.”

In fact, Em says some of the stories that fans have shared with her make her cry. 

“There was someone who was like, “I’ve never felt seen before, and your song literally invited me to take the steps to see a therapist and talk to my friends and family,'” she recalls. “It’s crazy! That’s crazy that someone can change their whole life based on a song!”

And while Em released a number of songs prior to “Numb Little Bug,” she’s happy that it’s this particular song that’s really introduced her to listeners.

“This would be the one that I want them to hear, because it’s the bluntest song I’ve ever written,” she explains. “I’m also a very blunt person. I don’t sugarcoat things.”

She laughs, “I’ve always been too much of an open book, which isn’t the best for me. But if it’s able to help other people, that’s great.” 

And stay tuned: Em says “there are also more songs in the pipeline moving forward that have kind of a different sound.”

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