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Why The Kid LAROI’s success is a full-circle moment for him…and his parents

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

When he was eight years old, The Kid LAROI decided that he wanted to be a musician — but he says it was just a coincidence that, years before he was born, his parents were in the music business too…kind of.

“My dad was trying to be a singer, I guess, and my mom was a model in Sydney,” the Australian rapper says of his parents. “My dad had some minor success in the U.K. but I guess, you know, stuff just didn’t work out. He came back to Australia, they met and they started like a little business together.”

The “Stay” singer continues, “They actually found a [music] act and signed an act to Sony Australia” — the label that LAROI is currently signed to, as it happens.  But, he notes, “When they split up, they kind of left the whole music thing behind because they were kind of doing it together.”

And since LAROI was only three when his parents split, he wasn’t really aware of their music business background, and his parents no longer had any connections that would help him, either.  Still, the “Without You” singer thinks it’s pretty crazy that he ended up in the business anyway, and succeeded where his parents hadn’t.

“They had a good little run with whatever they did, but I guess they didn’t even get to experience the full capacity of it,” he explains. “And a lot of stuff that I’m doing now is a big first time for them, like, they’re still learning this stuff. It’s just funny how s**t full-circles around!”

The Kid LAROI is now working on his debut album and will launch his first headlining tour in 2022.

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