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William Daniels reflects on his success in sentimental birthday wish to Taylor Swift

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Remember when Taylor Swift freaked out when William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, gave her a shout-out on TikTok?  Well, she just received some extra-special birthday love from the beloved actor.

Daniels said he thought it would be “nice” to wish Taylor a happy 32nd birthday after learning from his granddaughter Grace, who masterminded the 94-year-old’s memorable review of Taylor’s re-recorded Red (Taylor’s Version) album, that the singer is a big fan of his.

The actor teamed with Cameo to send her the special greeting and said it was “great” to know Taylor loves Boy Meets World

“You know, I started performing when I was a kid.  I was on Broadway as a teenager.  All my most personally gratifying achievements happened after I turned 30,” Daniels warmly shared. “I wish the same for you!”

He ended by also wishing the singer and her family a happy holiday.

As previously reported, Daniels gave Taylor her first shout-out last month via an adorable TikTok video in which he told his followers “to listen to the new and better version” of her Red album.

The Grammy winner was stunned by the gesture, and commented, “My brother and I are FREAKING OUT, we’re huge fans!!! This is so awesome. Thank you!”

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