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Windless in Roseville

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The weather has really taken a turn over the past handful of days. From what seems like snowy rain just a week or so ago, to record breaking plus 90 degree weather yesterday. Many people across the Twin Cities might have turned on their Air Conditioning for the first time this year in the past day or two. Understandably so, but things over at the ol’ Crisco compound don’t always fall in line with the same things you, I and 99.99% of people do. No, normally things are quite different inside the walls of the world’s largest pigsty Crisco calls a home. The moment that fluffy white snow starts to melt and the ice starts to thaw across all of our beautiful lakes in Minnesota, Crisco cranks that old A.C. unit on in that three story disaster in Roseville and starts to cool that stuffy, sweaty, sucker down. So a few days ago Crisco admitted to us that he’s been running his air conditioner for weeks now. Weeks. It was in the 20’s and 30’s just weeks ago. So we brought it up on our After Hours podcast and immediately our first questions to Crisco was “Why did you start running you’re A.C. weeks ago?!” His answer was simply “Well… it gets a bit stuffy in the house with all of us in there.” We all laughed and said “Why don’t you just open your windows?” Crisco’s response resulted in the words of Ryan as “maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard Crisco say.” The reason Crisco doesn’t open his windows is because “They don’t get wind in Roseville.” Huh? Such a dumb statement that at first we didn’t even know what to say. Now instead of taking a step back, saying “sorry, what I meant by that is…” and trying to explain himself, Crisco put his foot down harder and continued to insist that Roseville does not get wind! We were all baffled at this natural phenomenon. Chicago is known as “the windy city”, we had no idea Roseville is “the windless city”! We at KS95, meteorologist, geologist, and scientist alike have still yet to understand why Crisco and apparently all the Rosebuds out there get no wind, but you can click here to hear the After Hours podcast and Crisco do his best to explain why Roseville is now “the windless city”.