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“Woke up. Got heated”: Pink announces new song “Irrelevant”

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Pink teased she had something up her sleeve when she sang what fans believed were lyrics to a new song on Monday. They were right.

The Grammy winner announced a forthcoming track that she said was born out of frustration. “Woke up. Got heated.  Wrote song,” she tweeted while sharing some lyrics scribbled down in black ink on a white napkin. She added the track is “Coming soon.”

Sharing a close-up of her written work, the lyrics read, “I think it might rain today/ Ash on the ground/ Took all the heat we could take/ And then burned it down.” Another picture shows the song’s title written on the other side of the napkin, with the hastily-written words digging into and tearing into the delicate fabric.

Earlier this week, Pink teased her new track in a black-and-white video that showed her singing another handful of lyrics. “You can call me irrelevant, insignificant/ You can try to make me small,” she sang while pinching her thumb and index together.

The “Just Like Fire” singer has been tangling with online haters after publicly telling abortion rights opponents to never listen to her music again. The fiery statement was made shortly after the Supreme Court ruled last month to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that had guaranteed a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion.

Since then, Pink has dealt with her fair share of angry individuals telling her to stay out of politics and claiming it’s her job to just sing and entertain. After being told to basically “shut up and sing” for weeks, she went and did just that.

No release date for “Irrelevant” has been given at this time.

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