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Wooden sculptures of Justin Bieber’s disembodied torso, arms and head on display in London gallery

Rory Kramer

Fans worship Justin Bieber…but now they have a chance to actually worship him for real.

An artist named Paul Pfeiffer has reimagined Justin as a series of lifelike wooden sculptures, which are designed to look like the wooden Catholic artifacts in South American and Filipino churches that inspire devotion among the faithful.  The sculptures, which include Justin’s head, his torso — complete with tattoos — and his arms, are currently on display at the Thomas Dane Gallery in London.

Pfeiffer says that what he’s trying to show with the sculptures is how global capitalism has turned innocence “into a profit-making system in the face of a child.”  Justin is a symbol of this because he was, according to the gallery, “propelled to world superstardom by an industry quick to capitalize on the power of youth.”

The installation also features videos of Justin Bieber concerts and self-shot footage from fans around the world singing along to Justin’s remix of “Despacito.”

Reviewing Pfeiffer’s work, a critic for the London edition of Time Out magazine writes, “The whole thing is a wry, satirical look at celebrity and worship in the modern era. Or you could just see it as an excuse to go and pay your respects to the guy who wants you to know where he buys his peaches.”


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