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Work out for free with Pink — and her kids

Andrew MacPherson

If you ever wished you had a celebrity trainer-to-the-stars to take you through a workout routine and really kick your butt, your wish is Pink’s command.

The singer was nice enough to post her entire workout with her trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, on her Instagram.  The extensive routine includes cardio, toning and strengthening. and all you need to participate is a mat and some light dumbbells.

At the end, you can even watch Pink’s daughter, Willow, join her mom on the mat and try to mimic her moves.  You can also share the sweet moment when Pink’s son, Jameson, brings her a bouquet of flowers.  Aww!

At the end, both women are covered in sweat.  Pink asks, “Did it ever occur to you to, maybe, go easier on me?”

“Never!” replies Jeanette. “You got a tough life! I gotta make sure you’re ready for life!” By the way, she calls Pink by her birth name, Alecia.

So if you’re tired of your regular exercise routine, give Pink’s a try this weekend.  You’ll be ready to tour the world and fly around arenas in no time.

By Andrea Dresdale
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