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Would You Attend a Star Wars Themed Wedding?

Have you ever been invited to a strange wedding?
Checkout the Reddit post below. Reddit user u/staarwars20 posted his story in a group called r/AmItheAsshole. Users post about real life experiences and ask the community “who is in the wrong? Am I the Asshole?” u/staarwars20 talks about his love for Star Wars – you could call him a super fan. So why not have it be a part of the wedding?

He posts: 

I’ve been brainstorming ideas and I have some really great themed ideas, for example:

– Alcoholic ‘blue milk’ drinks to serve guests
– Hiring stormtroopers to party and dance
– Jedi robes for all of my groomsmen
– Playing ‘Across The Stars’ for the first dance

His fiancée doesn’t share his nerdy passions however. She is a “typical girly girl” and has been dreaming about her wedding since she was young. He thinks that because they are sharing the wedding costs the planning should be split down the middle….but there are certainly other opinions out there!
Via Ryan:
I don’t know why she is hating on the idea so much. It would be different and fun. Such a shame that people are so concerned what “others might think”. Sigh.
I’m sure our listeners have been invited to stranger weddings. We like to play Top That on the show. A Star Wars reception would be pretty wild but can you top that?! Have you been to a stranger wedding?

Tell us about it. 👀

Full Article below:

WIBTA for having a Star Wars-themed wedding? from AmItheAsshole