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Wouldn’t you “Adore” a Harry Styles-themed spa day?

Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images

It’s common for stars’ hometowns to honor them with plaques and statues, but Harry Styles‘ hometown has decided to honor him with — a spa day?

The SpaSeekers spa booking service is now offering a Watermelon Sugar High Spa Day at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch, England, where the singer was born.  Sadly, this doesn’t mean that a Harry lookalike will give you a massage, but it’s still pretty cool.

For £72 —  just under a hundred bucks U.S. — you get an “Adore You” 55-minute facial and a 25-minute watermelon, yuzu and pink beet full-body scrub. During the treatment, you’ll listen to a curated Harry playlist and the air will be perfumed by the spa’s special “Breathe Me In” candle, which allegedly smells like Harry.  That means tobacco, essential oils and spices, honey and vanilla, apparently. 

You’ll get to take one of the candles home, too, if you’re one of the first 15 people to book.

After the treatment, you get to relax with a watermelon lemonade cooler, and enjoy a picnic basket lunch that doesn’t contain any of the foods Harry hates: namely, olives and beetroot.

Of course, Harry hasn’t authorized or endorsed this spa day, but since it’s just been announced that people in the U.S. can fly overseas…you’re “Golden.”

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