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Write Us a Song Mr. Crisco Man: Is the Streak Over?

Those that listen to this Morning Show regularly are familiar with a segment we do every Wednesday at 7:35AM. It’s called Write Us a Song Mr. Crisco Man. It’s a segment we do to try to help and support local businesses. Listeners call in and pitch why we should write a song for their business. Crisco picks a business, and we have 24 hours to make them a song which we then present to them the next day live on-air. Listeners then vote, was the song a hit or miss? After what some may call a slow start, the pace quickly sped up. More and more hits were being made. We really hit our stride about a couple months ago and since then, we’ve churned out eight hit songs in a row as voted on by listeners. Well, this past week while Ryan was out, we made a song that was literally on the border of a hit. So, as always, we waited for Ryan to hand down the final verdict. You can listen right here. Anyone that’s interesting in joining us for this segment and possibly getting some free publicity, all you have to do is give us a call Wednesday morning right around 7:30AM.