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You won’t believe whose music Ed Sheeran & his wife listened to as their daughter was being born

Franziska Krug/Getty Images

When Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry welcomed their daughter Lyra, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the first thing they told her was “You’re Beautiful” — because it was James Blunt’s music that soundtracked her birth.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2, Ed revealed that he and Cherry were both big fans of James Blunt’s music when they were younger, but now, after James toured with Ed, he and his wife are very good friends of Ed and Cherry’s.   That’s why Ed and Cherry chose to play James’ breakthrough debut album Back to Bedlam — which features “You’re Beautiful” — in the delivery room while waiting for Lyra’s birth.

According to Ed, the album ended just as Lyra came into the world, but then he says another James Blunt song — “The Greatest,” from his 2019 album Once Upon a Mind — started playing “the moment that she started crying and screaming.”

“It was the most special and most magical moment,” Ed gushed, adding, “It’s just a fantastic tune but the moment for it is so special to me.” What made it even more special is that James wrote the song for his own children.

He said he emailed James a few days after Lyra was born, to tell him that “that song is just a very, very special moment in my family’s life now.”

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