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Yup, There Are A Bunch Of Celebs Who Loathe Christmas

Grumpy Scrooge Santa Claus isolated on black.
Guess what? Not everyone likes Christmas. In fact, some people outright loathe the holiday season. Maybe not you, maybe not anyone you know – but some famous people you know of. Here are some celebrities who have been open about their lack of enthusiasm for the “most wonderful time of the year.”
  • Colin Firth isn’t the biggest fan of Christmas cheer. The actor has said that he has a “profound loathing” of the holiday. “At this time of year, I am careful not to switch on the radio because those novelty jingles make me homicidal and plunge me into the heart of Scrooge territory,” he said at the time. “I think Christmas turns us all into Scrooge. Everyone is trying to throw happy stuff at you, and that’s when I come over all humbug.”
  • Melania Trump The former first lady famously ranted about decorating the White House for the holidays in 2018 audio footage, which leaked two years later. “Who gives a f*ck about the Christmas stuff and decorations?”
  • Larry David “I’m a creature of habit and can’t tolerate anything that throws me off my normal routine. That’s why I detest all holidays, but none as much as Christmas. There’s the loathsome music. The movies with their ridiculous, treacly sentiments. The presents—thinking about them, shopping for them (never without resentment), and the attendant pile of garbage that accumulates from opening them, an environmental disaster simultaneously taking place in living rooms across the country.”
  • Miley Cyrus “Call me the grinch but Christmas always makes me feel deeply sad,” she wrote on Instagram in 2016. “It is filled with so much excessiveness & greed. I just hope everyone gives the gift of love and acceptance this year to not only their own family but those around the globe who don’t get everything they wished for due to life’s unfair circumstances! My parents always made Christmas about others. And I hope you find it in your heart to do the same!”
  • Ozzy Osbourne “I have to unravel all these f–king presents. What a f–king waste of paper,” he told Express at the time. “I f–king hate Christmas. I f–king hate it. Everything stops. When I used to drink, it was a good excuse to get f–ked. Now, I just hate it.”
  • Lady Gaga The singer took out her aggression around the holiday season when she bit a Santa toy during a concert in 2010. “I hate the holidays. I’m alone and miserable, you f–king stuffed little toy,” she said on stage at the time.
  • Hugh Grant The “Love Actually” star revealed that he tries to avoid celebrating Christmas. “The last few years, I have taken Dad to a Muslim country to escape it completely. We both hate Christmas,” he said in a 2009 interview.
  • Christoph Waltz The “Django Unchained” star admitted he didn’t even want Christmas to exist during an interview with Backstage OL in 2014. When Waltz was asked what he wanted that year, he replied, “No Christmas. That’s my biggest wish, no Christmas.”

So…happy holidays?