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Zara Larsson reveals how she fooled Mariah Carey’s fans into thinking they collaborated

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Swedish pop star Zara Larsson proved why you can’t believe everything you read on the internet: She fooled people into thinking she actually collaborated with Mariah Carey.

The singer, who just released the song “Can’t Tame Her,” talked about her prank with People. She said she was feeling so good about her new music that she made wild claims about it on social media, such as Elton John helped produced the song, which featured backing vocals from Mariah.

Zara also jokingly said Leonardo DiCaprio would cameo in its music video, which was co-directed by James Cameron.

While some fans knew Zara was joking and contributed outlandish claims of their own, some didn’t realize it was all a joke.

“A lot of Mariah’s fans were like, ‘Oh, we will be tuning in,’ and they don’t really know it’s a joke. Their replies were like, ‘Wow, girl, you are so lucky. That’s amazing,'” the singer said. While the song features no famous cameos, Zara hopes those fans will still find her music enjoyable.

“Hopefully they’ll just be like, ‘It was great anyways. I’ll watch it again,'” she said.

Zara said she “is going to have fun” with her new music, adding she now owns her entire music catalog. Music mogul Ola Håkansson previously owned the rights but sold them to Zara when he wanted to retire.

“More than getting a few extra million dollars to sell it to someone else, he just wanted to not have a Taylor Swift incident,” she recalled, adding he didn’t want to cause any bad blood between them. “He also gave me the sickest price. It’s a really, really good deal. It’s my retirement.”

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